Reimagine AI’s Interactive AI exhibit We Could Be Human: A Living Machine begins a 5 month run at The Phi Centre in Montreal May 28th 2019
• Reimagine AI is partnering with the Sheldon Memory Lab at McGill University to build Intelligent Beings to help patients with Alzheimer’s navigate some of life simple pleasures: reading, music, poetry, conversation and companionship.
• Reimagine AI is partnering with the Canada Museum of Science and Technology to build a 3000 sq foot AI exhibit featuring multiple versions of our Intelligent Beings
• Reimagine AI has received funding from the Canada Media fund to build a prototype for its AI interactive technology
• David spoke at Google Toronto on Artificial Intelligence and Creativity, in May 2018.
• David hosted a public panel and conversation with the lead researchers from Google Brain, Facebook AI, Deepmind, and Element AI at the Ingenium Canada Museum of Science and Innovation on April 25th, 2018.
• Lyric AI, the first phase of our Music/Artificial Intelligence collaboration with Google Brain (lead by Hugo Larochelle and Pablo Castro) was presented at NIPS2017 (Neural Information Processing Systems - Machine Learning and Computational Neuroscience Conference, Long Beach California).
• Vice - Motherboard article on artificial intelligence and creativity featuring David Usher More: