Reimagine AI
 is an artificial intelligence creative studio that lives in the heart of Montreal. We are storytellers and work at the intersection of AI and the human experience.  We integrate multiple AI technologies to build interactive Intelligent Beings for science centres, conferences and enterprise solutions. Our unique vision bridges the divide between art and science to build original creative experiences using interactive storytelling and applied AI. 

Recent News:
 Reimagine AI’s Exhibit We Could Be Human-A living machine will premiere at the Phi Centre in Montreal on May 27th for a 5 month run.
• Reimagine AI is partnering with the Canada Museum of Science and Technology to build a 3000 sq foot AI exhibit featuring multiple versions of our Intelligent Beings
• Reimagine AI is partnering with the Sheldon Memory Lab at McGill University to build Intelligent Beings to help patients with Alzheimer’s navigate some of life simple pleasures: reading, music, poetry, conversation and companionship. More…


We Could Be Human: A living machine
• The Phi Centre in Montreal May 27th 2019
• Canada Museum of Science and Technology in 2020

Lyric AI

Lyric AI is a collaboration between Google Brain and Reimagine.AI building an artificial intelligence assistant designed to help musicians with create original lyrics.

David hosted a panel and conversation with lead AI researchers: Joëlle Pineau head of Facebook AI, Philippe Beaudoin co-founder of Element AI,  Doina Precup head of Deepmind and Pablo Castro researcher at Google Brain, at the Canada Museum of Science and Innovation.